Premiere: Native Cruise – Talk


There was a fierce chatter in the chamber as the crowd began to gather to observe the verdict. A lot of talk for a small room and a lot of people with too much to say. This was the way of the world these days, politicians with dead weight opinions and a sense of righteousness enough to sink a ship. Perhaps this is all we were to them, a sinking ship, we the sailors floundering overboard whilst the great beast fell to the ocean floor beneath the waves. These were horrid times, there was too much talk. 

La Dune Records are set to release a split ep with an intriguing and exciting array of talent on display. Native Cruise is a relatively new name but has appeared in the right places as of light having released music on both No Bad Days and Fruit Merchant. He delivers a sunny, balearic, house cut as part of the package. Listen below: