Premiere: Nasty Mcquaid – Dave Gets Pumped (Joe Europe’s Disco Dave Eurozone Edit)


As election fever grips R$N Towers with an unbridled desire to make a mockery of the whole thing (or, at the very least, David Cameron), two of our very own have been giving musical spins on one of our glorious leader's latest election mottos.

Having come across a truly horrific Vine of call-me-Dave trying his darndest to sound like a straight shootin', street brawlin' hard livin' good guy, our very own editor Nasty McQuaid dropped this edit of Mr Cameron yesterday, drawing together two seldom linked world's – Westminster bullshit and the Jersey Club scene. First off, here's the Vine:


And here comes the remix. Keen listeners might pick up a reference to a certain football team…

Then the inimitable (and noticably more music) Joe Europe jumped in on the action and gave it the kind of disco spin that would have Sam Cam prancing round her handbag.

It's time to get this party started with Westminster's very own Disco Dave…

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