Premiere: Musik Nonstop – No Runnin Away (Dub)


August, the Mission District, some time ago. I can't remember exactly, must check my journal. The fire hydrants were flowing, it was HOT man. Like really hot, this alien/ illegal immigrant was melting in his limey skin. Kids rope-skipping in synchro, men chatting looooong tales on tenament stoops, warm summer chatter and fridge cold Buds and frosted ices. Up on the sixth floor, a pair of battered speakers dragged on to the fire escape dropped some dubby bass, snatched dreams and echoing springs over the scene. It was a day man, one where you didn't care about another one, because you were in San Fran. Postcard that to yer mother.

Layne Fox is a San Francisco-based producer who has released some killer records over the last decade as part of noted collective 40 Thieves. His new solo work for Magic Feet brings the Balearic and dub disco vibes he is renowned for and this mix is as slow and long as many a Sabres cut, just warmed in the American sun, and sliced and diced and to perfection.

Musik Nonstop – No Runnin Away is released by Magic Feet on 6th June 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

Magic Feet label honcho Craig Bratley will be playing for VANISHINGPOINT! at this weekend's Alfresco Festival in Tunbridge Wells and tickets are available HERE.

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