Premiere – Mugwump – After They Fall (Eskimo Twins Remix) – Subfield/!K7


If you are ever to find yourself trapped, alone and lost in the middle of an ice field, we have only one bit of advice for you. It's time to cut down on your drinking. Surely this can be the only logical reason for being quite so isolated and, whether the alcohol consumption was a recent occurrence or it simply led you into agreeing to a venture into the frozen wilderness in the first place, there must have been some involved in order for you to have made such a poor decision.

That being said, perhaps this is just the opportunity you need to reinvigorate yourself and find a new level of inner peace. If you're fortunate to come across a pair of fraternal inuits, Eskimo Twins if you will, then they may help reshape your life and turn it into something completely different but nonetheless very enjoyable.

But that's quite enough of that, we all know that you're sat staring into an electronic device awaiting the pleasure of a brand new remix of Mugwump to hit your ears. We won't hold you back any longer;

The After They Fall Remix EP is out on 18th September via Subfield/!K7.