Premiere: Mother Of Pearls – Tunnel Run


Ducking and diving, bobbing and weaving, with utmost haste they charged through the maze of branches and trees that blocked their way. Slowing occasionally to jump or hop over obstacles, the only standstill came with an unplanned slip or fall, quickly rectified with a rapid scramble back on to their feet. There was no end in sight, no finish line in memory. The only option was to keep running.

R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings is a label we're constantly keeping tabs on. The Leipzig-based imprint is responsible for sharing some of the most refined electro, house, acid and breaks around and, considering its relatively short life span, has welcomed a diverse roster of artists for solo EPs and V/As, including Kassem Mosse, Rudolf C, Mick Pointer and Lou Karsh. Next up on the release schedule is a four-tracker from Manchester-based producers Tom Jarmey and Ed Hodge who, under the moniker ‘Mother Of Pearls’, team up for a batch of driving electro and breakbeat stompers.