Premiere: Mother Of Mars – Space Without A Shadow


What would you consider the self? The individualised objectified self. By dissolving any preconceptions and breaking down modern ideas, we can make space for something else. Or perhaps we can get rid of space all together…

NYC-based duo and former rhythm section of The Rapture Mothers of Mars make a triumphant return to our Ransom Note Records following their first exploration back in 2018 with their Seed 2 Sky 12″. Space Without A Shadow, feels like the missing piece or an extension of the two synth-driven opuses on their label debut, this time featuring the angelic vocals of Japanese expat Jaiko Suzuki​ and a variety of percussion from across the globe.

A strange fusion of sounds, the track unfolds through a beating kick and layers of driving percussion, joined by repetitive synth riffs and Jaiko’s airy vocals that subtly bounce off one another in the foreground. As an appendix to the original, the duo have called on longtime friend Willie Burns to weird up the dancefloor and Glaswegian producer Mr TC who reinvents the track into a progressive bass-driven rework.