Premiere: Moodymanc – War And Peace (Luke Solomon’s Love And Death Re-Make)


What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me. No more. And what is death for that matter? Is it the end of all things or merely our doorway into the next world and the limitless possibilities which lie ahead? There are few to many questions to be hard for these elements of life which we deem so simple.

And, while we're busy rambling on and wasting your precious time before you listen to Luke Solomon's cracking re-work of Moodymanc's new sounds, is there much of a difference between war and peace? Obviously there is, but is there really? Yes, yes there is. But can we really have one without the other?

All these questions aside, there's some good old fashioned aural fun to be had so get your listening ears on;

Dubble D presents Moodymanc'sWCR003 is out on 7th September via Well Cut Records.