Premiere: M.ono – Sweetwater


The glass jug sat empty upon the old wooden table in the garden. There was nothing left and the sweetwater was gone. It had been a beautiful day, a reunion of sorts amidst a sun kissed field. The long grass blew softly upon the breeze and from time to time a bird would chirp peacefully in the distance. The night would soon fall, plunging this place into a dense black darkness. The house at the top of the hill would overlook it all, the evening warmth in a land, far, far away. 

M.ono is a producer with which we have been familiar with for many years, ever since the emergence of the highly sought after 'Easydance' EP he has been regarded amidst high acclaim from house heads the world over. His own music is diverse and intricate, often deep and luxurious. This is a track taken from his new album on Rose Records, the first LP from the Leipzig based label and artist. The album is titled "Spritti Moments" and will be released this month. 

Listen below: