Premiere: Mogambo – Jeena (Yu Su Aroi Mak Dub)


Purring and purring, she slinked along the skirting board towards the sweet scent of wet matter. Her blades undulated like a well oiled piston while her fur glistened in the half-light with natural polish. Turning casually to the right, her mirror image twisted back at her. Both froze at once, wide eyes locked. A few moments later, they proceeded to engage in a careful tango before going about their bored business once more.

Yu Su goes deeper into the depths of dub-wisdom with this latest release for Bangkok’s Siamese Twins, a remix for Mogambo. The latter are a Thai-based duo pursuing mind expansion and bodily comfort through their outernational brand of psy-tronica and trance. The Chinese producer, though, gives their Goan beach comedown track ‘Jeena’ a renewed and almost sinister intensity. Unlike the levity of her previous dubby moments, such as her Technicolor outing Watermelon Woman, ‘Jeena’ is a more frowning interpretation that suits the current social climate: dark, cold and unforgiving.

Buy HERE. Video Credit: Johan Vandebeek.