Premiere: Mogambo – Cobra


The bowl of liquid in front of her teemed with different smells; vivid in its colours that swirled and bled into one another in hypnotic shapes. She was intrigued at what possible effects would ensue after she gulped this down, the stories thus far hadn’t given much away. She didn’t know what to put that down to, but had come to the decision she simply had to find out for herself. Holding her nose tight she drank the mystery concoction down in one. Now to exercise patience…

After three years of putting on parties in Bangkok, the group of friends behind the Karma Klique collective have embarked upon a new mission, launching their label Siamese Twins Records. Through working with local Asian artists, the objective is to create a space for exploration to a form a dialogue of new sounds, and they’re starting life with an EP from Mogambo, the collaborative project of label co-founder Sunju and multi-instrumentalist Jerom Doudet. Cobra, offers up four tracks fuelled by their shared love of Bollywood movies, electronica and psychedelic gongs, matching hypnotic grooves with elements of 90s Goa, slow trance and tribal percussion.

Buy HERE. Video: Johan Vandebeek.