Premiere: Mille & Hirsch – Pentagon Flow

5 Minute Read

The Future Sounds of Jazz series returns – an unrivalled assortment of the best crossover between jazz and electronic music curated by Compost Records.

There were all sorts of shapes which he felt might define his sense of self, none of them were simple. It had taken him a long, long time to ascertain whereabouts he might sit within the landscape of this world but after a lot of thought it seemed as though it had been obvious all along.

He had a pentagon flow – a complex shape, with sharp abstract connections and precise angles. This was what represented him best as he danced and weaved his way between the carefully placed ornaments in the gallery. To some it might seem unusual that the pentagon was with what he was best aligned. However, what the hell did they know about fluidity. They could stick to their right angles and their boxes.


Mille & Hirsch feature on the upcoming edition of the series from Compost Records. They’ve contributed to what will be the fifteenth edition of the ‘Future Sounds of Jazz’ compilations. This track is brand new and perhaps encapsulates what is the very essence of the concept best. An electronic meets jazz meets house fusion which is as listenable as it is dancefloor ready.