Premiere: Simkin – Deterritorial


The All Centre co-founder’s first solo release outside of his own label.

Everything had changed; the faces were different, the buildings under new control, the community destroyed. What they’d built with their own hands no longer belonged to them, people with power could take anything they wanted and this time it was their home – it was everything they’d ever known. If they could, they’d try and save it at all costs, but the obstacles they’d come up against were far greater than anything they were likely to gain – the odds were stacked against them.


London-based producer Simkin has spent the last few years growing the reputation of All Centre, the imprint he co-runs. The platform has been a space for experimental, rhythmic dance music that colours outside the lines and, until now, has been the only outlet where Simkin’s productions have been housed. For his first solo release away from home, he joins the Pseudonym Records roster for a two-tracker See You / Deterritorial – backed by a remix from borderlandstate The Best Kisser In L.a. – which is characterised by broken drum patterns, dembow rhythms and chopped vocal samples.


See You / Deterritorial is out on 28th January.