Premiere: Mignon – Mind Flow


Bombing down a series of country roads somewhere in the south west, they rocket towards town. Fuelled by a healthy dose of hedonism and an endless playlist, the aim of the evening is simply the pursuit of music and guilty pleasure. The dulcet tones of distorted kick drums and squelching bass blasting from the speakers incites unparalleled joy, whilst the taxi driver questions his decision to confirm rumours of an aux cable. Following a series of exclamatory statements about what tonight holds and a moment at a red light with an adjacent taxi overflowing with thrill seekers, they arrive outside the venue and feast on the energy of the densely stocked queue.

The legendary Seoul-based electronic label Honey Badger Records returns with their third compilation HBRTRX Vol.3. An institution in their home city and an integral part of Korea’s electronic music scene, Honey Badger’s latest release features 10 tracks of outstanding house and techno produced by label mates and a handful of invited guests. Our pick, Mignon's ‘Mind Flow’, is a mind melting breakbeat cut that’s brimming with insanely tight drum work and elastic basslines.