Premiere: Middleskyboom & Eliezer – Prism Birds


The chamber was alive with the sporadic sound of nature. Trapped within the prism the birds sung freely, their cries echoing against the glass walls in which they flew. From outside people watched with an admiration beyond description. How they wished that they too could fly so freely amongst the air, landing on the tallest points of reach. They longed to soar above the world in the same way as these doves floated inside the happy walls. White and elegant they rocketed between branches, their wings fluttering on the cool evenings breeze. The prism birds were beautiful. 

Middleskyboom and Eliezer feature on the latest release from the Days Of Being Wild camp. They deliver an ep which follows in the slow moving sensibilities often adopted by the likes of Andrew Weatherall. Listen to 'Prism Birds' below:

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