Premiere: Mesak – Ayran Meydan


The swamp was deep and perilous, out here on a distant planet far away there was little chance of being saved. They had travelled millions of miles across the solar system in search of a new world, a peaceful place in which to build a new life. Yet now, here they were, stood amidst the murky depths of a haunted jungle upon a wandering star. It was not supposed to end like this, amidst great creatures and wild plants. As they walked further and further into the murky darkness of the swamp they began to chant and cry, it was not out of hope but despair…

Orson Records is a recently launched label set to breathe life into electro. The imprint is scheduled to release a new EP from Mesak on the 8th of March and it's a stormer. Rugged space age synth jams and wild excursions. Listen below: