Premiere: Meetsysteem ft. Oceanic – Want Je Zegt Wat Je Wilt


There was an old saying, one which had stood the test of time and had acted as a placeholder for arguments and debates all over. In this instance it was used to signal the end of a relationship, time had passed and things had changed whilst each lover had begun to care less and less. They thought not about one another no more and said as they pleased with disregard for feelings, emotions or the legacy which had lead them to this place. 

“Want Je Zegt Wat Je Wilt…”

“Because You Say What You Want…”

Meetsystem is set to release a new album on Nous’klaer Audio. Described as music to “dance and dream to” he channels elements of electronica alongside pop and ambient soundscapes across what is a luxurious, highly listenable record. This track features Oceanic and comes with our recommendation. 

Listen below:

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