Premiere: Mc Waraba – Djoro (Kwalud Remix)


The square was a spectacle, a buzzing epicentre and meeting point for people to disseminate the day’s activities or share stories of times gone by. From corner to corner, delicious smells and flavours invisibly weaved their way through the air and up the noses of passers by, while all kinds of sweet, yet indistinct melodies drifted out of doors and windows. It was a treat for the senses, a place you could lose yourself in…

Operating between Bamako, Mali and Lyon, France, Blanc Manioc is a label delivering energetic and forward thinking electronic music from Bamako, Lagos, Abidjan, Lyon, St Leu and Nairobi. The next instalment comes from Mali’s MC Waraba, who returns to the label accompanied by producer Gaspa for two original tracks that blend coupedecale, hip-life and digital Kuduro, but seek to preserve the DNA of Mandingo music. This is backed up by three remixes from Kwalud, Praktika and Bertho & Sheitan Brothers.