Premiere: Maya Danon – Mad Hatter (Autarkic Remix)


Working harder and faster and sweating and grinning, the milliner stitched and brushed and shaped. He and his friend were happy to sense the fumes of madness. The striking and shifting silver liquid contained and captured itself as it dripped and dropped it's fumes, and enflamed their brain and their dreams. "Keep working!", his friend shouted. "More to come!", he hollered in the empty, darkened workshop. He studied his watch, and questioned what day of the month it was.

After 10 years on the Tel Aviv experimental scene, Maya Danon is releasing her first full EP on Relish. On this remix, fellow countryman Autarkic continues his ascent of 2016. Gated percussion and cowbell driven, the Eastern promises are built around delayed and de-scaled trigger riffs. Growing with each 808 layer, the passionate and insanely demanding vox lead to a break where the funk gets flavour and the place gets smashed up royal. Wobbly skewed kewl. 

Maya Danon – Mad Hatter EP is released by Relish on 26th August 2016. This remix is available NOW.

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