Premiere: Max Winter – How I Got Rid Of Me


This is a story of abandonment, of careless disregard. How I got rid of me is as good as anybody’s guess yet here I am, lost in a maze of my own thought, far from the expressive face on the outside. As the clouds rolled in above my head I watched as the rain began to fall softly upon the playing fields. Sat perched atop the hill I looked out upon a bittersweet memory of dense green, muddy knees and nostalgic reflections of the past. This was my story, from day one to here, the past, present and future that never was. 

Max Winter is set to release a new album on Where To Now? Records, this track is the lead single from the record. A Track poignantly titled “How I Got Rid Of Me” – an off piste bass infused affair with bells and percussion dotted and darting throughout. 

Listen below: