Premiere: Mattiik – Shadow Of A Former Reality


The fairground was the talk of the town, a huge event that only took place once a year. It was only there for a short time and then it would disappear completely, as if it had never existed in the first place. Many people came from near and far to experience the sights and sounds, a feast for the eyes and the ears. In the centre of the fairground a small tent sat shrouded in silver and gold fabrics, the sweet smell of incense effusing from inside. The fortune teller beckoned people in one by one, and each time a person left it seemed as if they were a new person, leaving their old lives behind in favour of a new one. Their previous existence had become but a shadow of a former reality…

Instrument Of Change present the inaugural release on their new label – a VA EP from four producers operating out of different cities across the world. The Rotterdam based imprint have enlisted the help of Tallinn-based Nikolajev, Chicago's Radius, label head Steven Pieters and Ransom Note family Mattiik. London-based producer and DJ Mattiik, who also runs online music website Viscera, offers up some deep dub techno awash with ethereal synths and a subtle acid line.