Premiere: Matt Walsh – Shake The Mind – Clouded Vision


"Shake That!" is a song by German band Scooter.  Shake the Mind however is a far superior track by Matt Walsh. It is by all accounts a bit of a belter. 

Matt Walsh has been lurking in our ears for many a year now. We're massive fans of his consistently and increasingly excellent Clouded Vision label. So much so he was one of our early Label Love-ees. With this new release though we think he's really hit on something rather special. 

"Imagine rolling your head around under water in a tropical sun: It takes over you with its' smooth, warm sound as the aural-ness rises from the sea bed and pulses through the water. The coral reef below is dancing as they breathe beneath the sea in their bright coloured collections. This is what holidays are made of and Matt Walsh knows how to take you there without leaving home." Becca. R$N Intern. 

Got that? Good let's talk about the record. 

Mr Daniel Avery has turned in a remix on the flip of this doube A-Side but our vote sits firmly in the Original camp on this one… good job he's been so kind as to ley us premiere it really isn't it? 

Ears open… go!

Shake The Mind is out 24/8/2015 on Vinyl and Digital on 7/9/2015.
Listen to Matt Walsh on Soundcloud now.