Premiere: Matrixxman – See You In Hell


He arrives on site, fuelled by an appreciation for monolithic structures and a desire to break the rules. Innocuously strolling around twenty storeys of grey, water-stained concrete that casts an unmistakable shadow across a sea of prefabbed housing, he scouts for an opening and the lone security guard hopefully keeping a not-so-watchful eye. The building, a monument to the higher ideals of a socialist utopia and dreams of “streets in the sky”, met its final days before developers sell to the highest bidder. A rickety set of scaffolding leading to a lower floor balcony and a door slightly ajar widen his eyes. “Lets take a look around”.

Stützpunkt, renowned in Berlin for hosting some of the city’s best parties across it’s most infamous institutions, have started a label! Their first release, a compilation featuring the party’s resident DJs along with an extra-special guest spot, contains four-tracks of absolutely primal techno. Ransom Note’s pick from the legendary Matrixxman is a stripped-back stomper of an anthem, that steadily builds up amidst driving kicks and fluctuating synth stabs.