Premiere: Matisa – Gabardine


The couple sat side by side on the park bench, averting one another's gaze. Hours had passed since they'd first arrived, sometimes in silence, sometimes through heated exchanges. Loving and hurtful words had passed their lips but none of that mattered now. The decision had been made. They would go their separate ways. It was the right thing for both of them, but their lives had been tightly woven together for so many years, it was impossible to imagine life without one another. How someone so close could soon become a stranger…

Italian selector and producer Matisa released her first EP into the world last year via Optimo Music and introduced us to her Italo Disco-influenced productions. She now follows it up with a contribution to Sleep D's Butter Sessions new V/A Come Together, a five track EP that pulls in artists they've connected with both locally and internationally. Matisa's opener 'Gabardine' continues her appreciation of the Italo sounds that permeated her last release, crafting a punchy house number carried along by a hypnotic bassline.