Premiere: Martyn Hare : Swollen Sounds Lp


Today we've got an exclusive premiere of the debut LP from techno label Emetic sounds. Coming from label boss Martyn Hare, Swollen Sounds is a grinding industrial assault, playing around the fringes of techno, working through a murk of fuzz, guitar riffs and the violent, half heard groans of a fractured machine heart. The effect is somewhat nightmarish, so we asked Martyn to let us know just what kind of dream Swollen Sounds would soundtrack – here's his response:

"It would be one of those dreams you have after a night out, when you're not fully asleep but definitely not fully awake. External sounds influence the internal dialogue and the harder you try to drift away the more twisted your thoughts become. More than likely involving some sort of slow-mo chasing, vivid colours interspersed with static and heads exploding. Probably…"