Premiere: Man2.0 – Are We Live?


The man machine's silicon constructed heart pulsed deep inside the hard-wired circuitry. A heady charge of electrons surged through each conductor and every power cell glowed as they flowed, the current charming an attraction, and repelling any negative source. As the amps were ramped, this laboratory monster fused and 'felt' for the first time, distorting the signals as it questioned its creator. "Are. We. Live?"

Following up on some prolific posting on his own Soundcloud, Man2.0 signals his "consumerist techno" manifesto with his debut release on Nein. Wrangling some distressed waveforms and filthily interfering with the machine driven rhythms, he constructs a dark and frankly dangerous techy slo- mo monster. A sinister announcement of future intentions. 

Man2.0 – Live Spine EP is released by Nein Records on 10th August 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

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