Premiere: M T Hall – Another Kind of Delirium


Bleary eyed, he picked his head up off the kitchen table, confused why he'd awoken here instead of his bedroom. Head pounding, he stuck his mouth under the faucet and turned the tap on full blast, spraying water across the kitchen worktop in the process. Memories from last night had faded and anxiety began to set in. This was another kind of delirium.

Next up on All Centre, the fresh London label offering their own take on bass and techno, comes from Liverpool-based DJ and producer M T Hall. Following previous releases from the likes of Yushh, Alexis, BLEID and label heads Simkin and DJ Pitch, M T Hall's offering is made up of two acid explorations for the dance floor, with our pick 'Another Kind Of Delirium' bringing together otherworldly pads and intricate acid lines peppered with field recordings.