Premiere: Lutto Lento – Wild Wishes


His ambitions were high, his hopes low. These were wild wishes which had yet to come true. Only time would tell whether he might reach his goal and succeed. As he gazed out upon the city which lay before him he watched the lights of the buildings flicker. Each of these people had dreams like him, they each strived for something more, why wouldn't they? There would be little point otherwise. The light in the park began to fade and he stood up from the bench on which he had been sitting. He took a breath, the cold air blew, and he screamed. 

Lutto Lento was the first artist to release on Charles Drakeford's From The Depths imprint back in 2014. Now some two years later he is set to return with a new EP which is simply titled "Wild Wishes". Bizarrely melodic and pad focused this one is very much unique in its own right: the horror scream makes it so. Listen to the lead track below: 

Pre order the release from the FTD bandcamp HERE

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