Premiere: Luke Abbott – Lost Landscape [Salmon Universe]


There was a photograph of an old mountain which hung framed upon a wall in the grand house, it was taken long ago from a place he couldn't recall or remember. A lost landscape, a forgotten memory but a beautiful scene. The clouds were white and fluffy, the sky a radiant dense blue. He could almost taste the warm air in the glow of the afternoon and it was if he was stood watching the hillside from within the frame. The house was filled with old reminiscent nostalgia – times when things were easier and more humble. 

Luke Abbott appears on a new compilation due for release on the 31st of May from Salmon Universe, an up and coming label with a keen sense of taste and understanding of electronic music. The album features appearances from the likes of Kenji Kihara, DEEPLEARNING, Crosspolar, Haji K. and many more. 

Listen below: 

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