Premiere: Low End Activist – Seekers

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In the land of SPLOT, where the seekers do trot, Lived a low end activist, who gave it a shot. With a spoon for a hat, and a sock for a shoe, He danced in the moonlight, with a kangaroo too!

They sought out the mysteries, both big and small, In a world where the ordinary wasn’t ordinary at all. They chased after rainbows, and tickled the stars, While riding on unicorns, playing guitars.

But beware, oh beware, of the SPLOT’s surprise, For what seems like truth may be clothed in disguise. The seekers and activists, with laughter and jest, Embarked on adventures, in the land they loved best.


Multifaceted collective, club night, and record label, SPLOT (established in 2019 by Glassz and Guiltee showcasing broken beats, dub, techno, UK bass, and everything in between) drops their second VA compilation, “Seekers”. The compilation features tracks from dadan karambolo, Blu Terra, Xen Chron, Lotus Reaction, Dawn Razor, Donija, Entire, Katiusha and Low End Activist which we’re premiering here.

Listen below:


Out April 19th via SPLOT, mastering by Rethe and cover art by Sylwia Szydełko and Laura Linnik.