Premiere: Echo Juliet – Eating The Rich (Gold Panda Remix)

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Gold Panda sprinkles some magic on Echo Juliet…

In the land of Echo Juliet, where nonsense reigns without regret, there lived a cat who loved to fret, Eating the rich, a feast to get. With whiskers twitching, tail a-swish, he’d dance around and make a wish, for piles of gold upon his dish, a savory treat, his favorite dish.

But oh, the twist, the curious mix, Gold Panda’s remix, a wild fix! It turned the cat into a tricksy pix, singing tunes that’d leave you in a fix. So off he’d prance, with a merry dance, chasing dreams in a wild trance, through forests thick, and fields askance, Echo Juliet’s peculiar expanse.

And though it seems a tale quite odd, in Echo Juliet, it’s not so odd, for there, the strange and whimsical nod, in every rhyme and rhythm flawed. So if you find yourself in such a place, where cats chase dreams with lively grace, remember, in this peculiar space, nonsense reigns with a smiling face.


Birmingham-based musician Echo Juliet, aka Emily Jones, collaborates with electronic artist Gold Panda on a remix of her track ‘Eating The Rich’ from her debut EP “Abandon Reality,” through her label Invisible IDs. The remix adds a fresh sprinkle of beauty to the original (inspired by frustrations with her landlord). With a classical music background, Emily has also dedicated her time empowering women in music, Emily leads initiatives like Future Proof for Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section label.

We’re premiering the sparkling wonder of Gold Panda and his take on the original below.

Pre-Order and Listen below: