Premiere: Loradeniz – Arno A River


In the wildest part of his imagination he began to wonder what might be. Walking through the hillside, amidst the long tall grass he began to dream of the great beyond. Who would he meet? What would he find? Where would he be? This was not to be an adventure taken lightly, one which might lead him down a perilous path if he did so choose the wrong option. The river would hopefully guide him, lead him homewards to a place in which he might be safe and feel as such. For now, he continued to walk. 

Loradeniz is a composer, pianist, producer, singer and DJ from Istanbul, she is fiercely independent and has done a bloody great job of releasing singular music by herself. Her latest EP is titled "Moon In Florence" and it's a dreamy take on electronica, pop and abstract experimentalism. 

Listen below: