Premiere: Local Suicide & Skelesys – Faster Faster


The tyres let out a harsh screech as she pushed her foot down hard on the accelerator; she needed to get out of here, and quickly. The car lurched forward into the street and she was away, gradually getting faster and faster, her eyes fixated on her mirror to check whether they were on her tail yet. She was free for now but until she made it out of this godforsaken town, she knew she wasn’t safe.

For his newest project, ‘Next Wave Acid Punx’, Berlin-based DJ and producer Curses brings together artists—past, present and future—for a celebration of his formative influences: new wave, EBM, post-punk and new beat. Released in three parts on Eskimo Recordings, the mammoth compilation features music from artists championing these sounds back in the 80s, like Yello, Front 242 and Suicide, to Curses’ contemporaries, including Juan Maclean, Pablo Bozzi, Local Suicide, Skelesys and many more, who continue to draw inspiration from these early sonics.