Premiere: Lizards – Glamour Catty (Join Our Club)


The idea of dressing up a cat in a dress, heels and the like may seem a ridiculous one yet it does still seem like something that a certain (albeit small) percentage of the population may well do on a regular basis. While there are those of us here at R$N Towers that may have an overt fondness for our feline friends, we can safely say that we are above such ludicrous behaviour.


But why are we rambling on about glamourous cats? Well that'll probably be because the new release from Lizards – the new project from Lee Forster and James Hadfield – is called Glamour Catty and we're here to give you your first taste of the new sounds a couple of weeks before they drop. Tune yourself in to this kitten-y goodness;

Glamour Catty is out on 12th October via Join Our Club.