Premiere: L/F/D/M – Heavy Clouds


L/F/D/M is a purveyor of no-nonsense aural excursions. His latest release on CGI Records does nothing to disprove this wonderous fact. There's a straight-to-the-point attitude to the music which lets you know exactly what his intentions for your listening pleasure are in a matter of seconds.

If he were to be engaged in some kind of martial arts face-off this may be a bit of a problem – he lays his cards out on the table instantly and gives the game away to his opponents, allowing them to mount a counter attack pretty sharpish. However, this isn't martial arts, this is music – right? – and the security that these sounds offer your ears is as fulfilling as a cleansing cotton bud.

Go on, give it a spin. We think you'll like it;

Psychopaths Eating Jelly is out now via CGI Records.