Premiere: Lex (De Kalhex) – Realms Unknown


In the limitless abyss of outer space there were strange shapes and objects which floated against the dense black backdrop. These were realms unknown and as they travelled towards the bright lights in the distance they each knew that there was no going back. The night was young and soon all that they had ever known would be left far behind, this was the point of no return. 

MENACE is celebrating five years in business, split between Paris and Tokyo the label has released a prominent array of music across a broad spectrum of styles. They are celebrating their five year anniversary with the release of a new compilation which is out on the 4th of December and features music from the likes of Hugo LX, Dj Mitsu the Beats, Kidkanevil and many others. This track opens the release courtesy of Lex (De Kalhex). 

Listen below: