Premiere: Lewski – Military Simulations


You never get used to the feeling of cold steel plunging into your brain stem. A moment of muscular convulsion and a metallic aftertaste are a breeze compared to the eye-strained methods my grandfather used to enter virtual realms. Bypassing the archaic detour of beaming data through the senses, hardlining straight to the brain is the favoured method of those seeking a ‘true to life’ experience. As the program boots, vision withdraws and the world collapses. Like the moment in a dream where you’re unsure of your surroundings, but your mind fills in the gaps, the spectacular nature of this voluntary world becomes normality. 

Based out of the Netherlands, the Coloray helmed label ‘Intercept’ is on release duty for Lewski’s latest, Military Simulations. Across its three tracks, Lewski unleashes his unique approach to sound and rhythm, sprinkling the release with otherworldly instrumentation, whilst constantly the building the suspense. Our pick is the title track, an industrial techno stomper, with the best elements of electro and acid thrown in for good measure. The track’s bleeps and warbles atop frantic percussion build excitement for the cyberpunk raves of our near dystopia.