Premiere: Less-O – Behind Closed Doors

Written by Margarita Bassova

The French producer debuts on his brother Simo Cell’s TEMƎT imprint.

Often I wonder what it would be like to be the river blistering down Dwight, doused in sweat and steam, hastily rushing to where the waters meet. She moves with such ferocity and ease, unashamed to be sprinting while being bashful to the untrained eye. Even when her currents are withholding and her roots are spreading thin, I know that one chance meeting in her waters will unload me from the mess I’m in.


Up-and-coming French producer Less-O releases hypnotic bass track ‘Behind Closed Doors’ ahead of his debut EP Shenanigans via his brother Simo Cell’s TEMƎT. Recorded during the recent lockdown over lengthy night watch shifts, the track is imbued with dark elation propelled by a manipulated laughing vocal sample and drum programming akin to the dripping of water droplets, clicking like excess time of lockdowns gone by. The infectious breaks and cascading bleeps transform mid-track into a miasma of trance influences, through the lens of arpeggiating synth lines and vast space in the soundscape. This track ensures that Less-O should be on everyone’s radar as a keen emerging producer to look out for.