Premiere: Leo af Ekenstam – March


Thunderous steps echoed through the streets, creating a sinister cacophony of sounds that reverberated of the city walls. Lines of armoured men marched in unison, there army stretching far across the hills and beyond the distance. Their destination was of no importance, it was the journey that would mattered, and the challenges they’d have to contend with along the way.

After releasing several EPs under the moniker Fabian Kash, Swede producer Leo af Ekenstam makes his debut under his own name for Madrid-based imprint Play Pal Music, which is set for release on 13th November. Alongside Ekenstam’s two original tracks that marry pulsing rhythms, psychedelic synth lines and sinister melodies, the label have enlisted the skills of several artists to put their own spin on both tracks, including Eliezer, Cornelius Doctor, Local Suicide alongside Time to Sleep and Motel77.