Premiere: Legwork – Buck Shot (Legwork Records)


The busier you get, the harder it can be to find the time to fit in some time at the gym every day. Sadly this means that any hard work you've previously done on getting your body into the perfect shape is ruined and all your muscles will slowly turn back into whatever mush they were before you began your latest keep fit regime.

Just think, all those hours of leg work will have been for nothing. However, if you are indeed a busy person – or just a fan of top quality music – then you should think about spending plenty of hours on Legwork instead as none of them will be wasted. The duo will keep you entertained for countless hours with their splendid selection of sounds and we're very glad to be bringing you their latest track 'Buck Shot' along with a remix from Matrixxman.

You didn't really need exercise anyway, not when you've got something this good to dance to;

Buck Shot/Mean 2 Me is out now via Legwork Records.