Premiere: Lazzylife – CHIRACK3340


There was a small sign which hung above the fire escape at the tail end of a long dark corridor. All around him was the echo and drum of machinery which banged through the depths of the long dark night. He watched as the machines prepared to build and deploy thousands of engines which would be used to career across the planet, each would be worth a fortune. This was not however, why he was here. He had heard myths and rumours about what lay beyond 'Chirack3340'. What lurked behind the door? It was not what was to be expected and that was why he was here, his mission so to speak. 

Lazzylife features on a new split EP due for release by Le Ski Club, a club ready EP packed with punch and energy set to cause riots on the dancefloor and big moves. A toe tapping house groover with promise and style. 

Listen below:

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