Premiere: Lazarus – Downwards


The wet mud and grit felt cold against his cheek. He tried to focus on this sensation, rather than the muffled shouts and jeers from behind him. Slowly and carefully, he heaved himself off the ground limb by limb, panting heavily as he swayed onto his feet. Straightening up, he looked them square in the eye. Disbelief and fear spread across the faces of these perpetrators. They didn’t think they’d have this much of a fight on their hands. It didn’t matter how hard their punches or how vicious their insults; nothing would keep him down…

After contributions to Volume 2 and 3 of their Of Paradise compilation series, the label of the same name have invited Nuremberg-based producer Lazarus back for his first full solo outing on the imprint. Downwards is a ride through futuristic techno and breakbeat; maneouvering from deep rhythms and stabs of percussion to bright melodies and ferocious drum patterns, with each track showcasing Lazurus’ knack for texture, expanse and emotion.