Premiere: Krotone – Sensory System


The event was a feast for the senses; an overwhelming blend of smells, sights and sounds. It was as though a monochrome world had just been flooded with saturation, everywhere they looked things demanded their attention. That went for more than just the colourful display of attendees, snippets of conversations juicier than an the ripest orange drifted into their ears, secrets that seemed to hold no importance to those divulging them. Maybe for today, but tomorrow they’d return back to reality, back to a world in black and white.

Over the last two and a half years, Leeds-based producer Krotone has been teasing out a series of self-released records which have become staples in the bags of DJs like Laurel Halo and Ciel. It’s been a year since the fourth instalment and now we’re getting to wrap our ears round number five. Like his previous EPs it’s packed with heads down rollers; layering shuffling syncopated rhythms and metallic synth washes over that warm sub weight.