Premiere: Kristy Harper – 77


A strong black coffee and a slice of toast greeted her as she entered the kitchen. It began the same routine as every other day that had gone before. She stared intently at the calendar that hung on the wall; weeks upon weeks of thick red crosses filled the pages. She wasn't counting down to anything in particular, there wasn't much clarity on when this period of emptiness would end. She picked up the pen and marked off the 77th day with a sigh, hopefully the end was in sight…

For their third, and possibly final, instalment in their LPHWHTE V/A series, Let's Play House have enlisted the talents of four producers from across the world, with each cut promising a transmission of hope and joy in the current climate. The NYC-based label have brought together Japan's Keita Sano, French producer Laroze, LPH label boss Jacques Renault and London's Kristy Harper who provides us with a high-energy fuelled acid trip.