Premiere: Kris Baha – Take Away My Greed


The grand hotel overlooked the sea, it was the crowning jewel on the seafront; a spectacle for all to see. But on closer inspection it had become weathered and run down, the kind of place that many socialites and aristocracy had frequented once upon a time but no longer saw many visitors. The owner would dine outside each night, remembering how this place had once been the talk of the town. He had been at the epicentre of these social soirees, flaunting his wealth and the empire he had built. He had been a cruel man back then, someone who only had time for those who could offer him something in return. But now things were different. His greed had been taken away and replaced with remorse…

Following his release on Rotterdam's Pinkman imprint Kris Baha quickly follows up with a long player for Berlin-based party and label CockTail d'Amore. Flaunting the industrial sounds he's become known for, Palais explores Kris' musical sensitivity and is based around the concepts of alienation, detachment, melancholia and lust.