Premiere: Kolomensky – Jungle Mirror (Tagliabue Remix)


Deep in the jungle, a small hut stood alone. It was the only place you'd find human life within these trees; a little known retreat for those who were in on the secret. Knowledge of it's existence spread by word of mouth but to be accepted you had to fit certain credentials, and you had to have the money to secure your spot. But for many it was worth the cost; you'd enter as one person and leave as another.

Label boss Kolomensky takes care of the next release on his own ИДА (IDA) imprint, exploring tribal rhythms across the EP. Title track 'Mystic Rush' comes with two versions – an electro tool and a 'disco-techno' cut – followed by another original in the form of 'Jungle Mirror' which takes things down a notch, introducing field recordings, spaced-out synths and percussion. Taking on remix duties are Lithuanian producer Roe Deers and Milan-based Tagliabue who morphs our pick into a psychedelic trip.