Premiere: Keplrr – Bods Realm


Masked with a metal face, draped in copper. Moving like us, but different. Trying to work out the world for itself, but is this just a world that works for us? Different when experiencing emotions and connections, less free for those we created in a way we’ll never truly understand, no matter how advanced we become over time. Even though we’re clanging around hopelessly, trying to find a grasp is something that we all can relate to.

Keplrr returns with his second release, Reconstructed Club, on Control Freak Recordings, the sister label of the infamous London party, Cabin Fever. Like his debut EP Translucent, his sophomore release showcases a similar aesthetic, taking inspiration from UK techno and flaunting his knack for meticulous sound design. Our pick titled ‘Bods Realm’ takes a deep drive through spaced-out effects and harsh Warp-esque synth stabs, skilfully complemented with weighty sub-bass.