Premiere: Kennedy – Forbidden Planet


It only took 10 seconds for her to forget; one moment in the throws a dramatic, life-threatening situation, and the next awake, pondering where and what exactly plagued her dreams but a moment before. Her memories were lost, but she thought herself lucky. Whatever took hold of her mind during sleep must be something that needed to be eclipsed, the waking feeling of panic was enough to cement that notion. 

A familiar face around Amsterdam, former Red Light Records and radio affiliate and Music From Memory team member Kennedy welcomes us into his sonic world with DREAM1, the first official release on his own Dream Machine imprint. The two-tracker of warm, bright house jams, laced with squelchy acid lines, follows his production debut, In A Spirit World, a limited release sold only at Rush Hour which launched the label in 2019.

Hitting shops next week but already available directly via Dream Machine and Rush Hour.