Premiere: Keller Crackers – KC (Tolouse Low Trax Joint Mix)


The fields were moist and damp after the early morning rainfall, the birds chirped and sang in the glow of the daylight as the darkness was banished beyond the hill. Soon the farmer would emerge to tend to the crops, the piling weeds and the dense woodland which was thick and busy all around. This was his special place, a reclusive space in which he could be free from the rules and constraints of the mainland. City life had never been for him, he was a man of the country, a child of the corn. 

Keller Crackers are a Berlin based trio drawing upon a wealth of influence from krautrock, experimental music and ambient soundscapes. They blur the lines with a post punk inspired edge. The perfect remixer of choice would naturally be none other than Tolouse Low Trax, longstanding pioneer of krautrock and electronic eclecticism in Germany. Listen below: