Premiere: Kasper Bjørke – Dreamers (A Tribute To Laurie) (Perel Remix)


Sleep brought with it much needed respite, an escape from his thoughts and emotions. Of late, his dreams had become much more vivid, rife with strange exchanges and far-fetched situations that left a stamp on his waking hours. Amongst the warped and familiar faces he felt both bliss and terror, yet at times he still wished he could stay in this imagined reality.

Danish producer Kasper Bjørke takes a personal approach when it comes to remixes, focusing on enlisting artists who will transform his music into something original and bring their own distinct flavour. His next batch of remixes comes in a two part package, bringing together several artists to put their own spin on his double EP Nothing Gold Can Stay. Part B rallies the likes of Bawrut, Cooper Saver, Panthera Krause, Kasper Marrott and our pick from DFA affiliate Perel.