Premiere: Jus Jam – Inherent Vice


He was but a broken soldier. A man about town no more and a dislodged figure within a society which cared not for his type. His actions had left his life looking like a perplexed sea of decisions gone wrong, a puddle without a bottom. As he staggered from bar to bar he wondered which turn had led him too far down the wrong path. Was it a decision made years ago during a misspent youth or was it some time recently in which he had lost it all. Who knew? who cared? Not him. 

Jus Jam features as part of the first release from the newly formed French record label Khasia Hills. The EP is a subtle blend of moody house and low driven dancefloor cuts. Listen to Jus Jam's "Inherent Vice" below: 

Buy the release from the 20th of February HERE

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